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Commercial Property

Planning, Construction & Development

Specialist Advice For Success Our specialist property department will help to enable you to make a success of your project.  We will advise you in jargon free language, ensuring that you are fully advised on all aspects throughout. From purchasing land to negotiating agreements, from resolving disputes to advising on the implication of Tree Preservation

Property Disputes

We are a property owning race and an Englishman’s (or woman’s) home is his (her) castle.  We all want to protect the sanctuary of our homes, properties and our boundaries.  If your home or boundary is threatened you will naturally want to defend yourself and have the best legal representation in doing so. Neighbour Disputes

Planning Disputes

We can offer specialist planning advice and expertise regarding all planning matters. We can represent your planning interests at a Public Inquiry. We have in-depth knowledge across all aspects of planning, in admpeninistrative law and Government guidance, in relation to the validation and determination of planning applications, environmental assessment, the scope and purpose of planning

Site assembly for commercial development

If you have a great idea for developing a piece of unused land, you may find that you need to get control of some neighbouring property to provide access or just to make the development large enough to be financially viable.  Assembling a site can be time-consuming, so it helps if you know what to

Landlords’ options for enforcing commercial tenants’ obligations

As the economic impact of the pandemic grows, many commercial landlords are struggling to collect rent and enforce their business tenants’ other lease obligations.  While the Government has acted to protect business occupiers by restricting landlords’ rights to take enforcement action, this has left some landlords struggling to meet their own financial obligations and keep

The Right to Make Noise

In areas of new residential development, how can existing businesses ensure that they are not adversely affected?  Whilst most businesses would welcome the introduction of more local potential customers, there is often a concern that new housing may bring complaints from new residents about noise levels, and that local Councils might take action based on

Property Market Re-Opens in England

The property market in England has re-opened. Under special conditions, estate agents can now open, viewings can be carried out and removal firms and conveyancers can restart operations. Throughout the crisis, Parnalls has remained fully operational and our Residential and Commercial Property teams are well prepared to handle all types of property related enquiries, with

Social Distancing No Obstacle for Parnall’s Mobile Document Signing Team

The present social distancing requirements imposed by the Government to slow the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic present a particular challenge for the execution and signing of legal documents.  For a will to be valid, it must be signed in the physical presence of two witnesses that are not beneficiaries under the will. This means

Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Commercial Property Legal FAQs

As we adapt to the changes that the coronavirus (COVID-19) is forcing on every aspect of life, we have compiled some FAQs on issues that may arise for our clients who are commercial property landlords and tenants. This is a rapidly changing situation and many of these problems are completely new.  Each situation will depend

Rent Charge Suspensions: Protecting Your Interests

COVID-19 has had a profound (but hopefully not long-lasting) impact on both our business and personal lives. Due to the restrictions placed on movement and unnecessary travel, many businesses are facing lower footfall/demand and therefore reduced income which is seeing some businesses temporarily close.  Similarly, with workers either having no income or being on reduced