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Talk to us:

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Clinical and Medical Negligence

Acting on your instructions; getting the best results

Clinical / Medical negligence is a sensitive area.

You have had a health problem and have sought the advice and assistance of health professionals to try and resolve or improve that situation.  It may be a GP; it may be a hospital or a health trust; it may be a private consultant or another medical professional.

Things have gone wrong and there are questions to be asked.  You are invited to use an internal complaints procedure, perhaps you are unsure whether this is a good idea or you have already done so and are now dissatisfied with the results.

Not Sure Where to Turn

You have questions and are unhappy with the process or the service that you have received but you are unsure as to whether you want to go down the route of a legal claim.

Speak to our Clinical Negligence Team here at Parnalls, even if you are not sure what to do; we will help you.  We can offer you the very best of service.

Initially we can speak to you on the telephone and discuss the position in brief and you can decide whether you want to go forward.

Face to Face

We will always see you face to face.  It is much better that way, especially when discussing things that are personal and difficult.  Usually we see clients at our office which is approachable and friendly, or alternatively when there are health issues we can see clients at their home or other venues that are more convenient to you.

The Best Professional Care

You will be seen by a qualified solicitor with 25 years Clinical Medical Negligence experience and your claim will be conducted by that solicitor.  You will not be dealt with by people who are unqualified and needing supervision.  You will have the very best professional care as you deserve.

We will not rush into litigation or persuade you to bring a claim; we will discuss the position sensibly with you to decide how best to go forward.  That may be not to bring a claim at all, it may be to enter into dialogue with the health professional or their insurers to try to achieve a solution.  Litigation is a last resort, although it is necessary in some cases.  Just because you instruct us, you will not necessarily be involved in a legal claim which you may not be happy about.  We will advise you of what is in your best interests as we are independent solicitors looking out for what is best for our client and we will handle your claim with sensitivity and tact.  We recognise that there are personal and sensitive issues to be discussed.  Our experience means that we are well used to this and we will make every effort to make you feel comfortable and be able to discuss matters freely.

Without Delay

Don’t delay in seeking advice on your issue.  If you are worried about whether to bring a claim, whether it is the right thing to do or even if it will affect your medical treatment, we will advise on all of those issues.  Together, we will make sure that with our help, you will be able to decide what is best to do in all of the circumstances for you, your family and the long term.

No Win No Fee Agreement 

We can act for you under a No Win No Fee Agreement and will advise you about the funding options available. 

Katherine Flashman Kitson

Director and Head of the Litigation Department