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Talk to us:

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Succession Planning

Helping you to pass the future into good hands

Making Choices; Anticipating The Handover

Handing your business or a part of it over to a new member of personnel or a family member takes careful thought.  Even if that person has worked alongside you for many years, gathering up the reins from someone who has been in control all of that time is a daunting process and can be more complex than you had anticipated.  If there are employees or valuable clients who rely on their relationship with you to consider, there is even more at stake.

There will be practical and legal aspects of the new situation to cover.  We are experienced in walking through a virtual checklist of likely scenarios with our clients, so they can best consider how to manage what will be a big change within their business.

Supporting Your Successors & Protecting Your Company’s Future

We can help you consider how best to transfer the wealth in the company, how to inform clients, protect employees and investors and how to choose and support your successor/s.

We can help you set timeframes, create contingencies and recruit trusted advisors to give your successor access to the help they will need to step into your shoes effectively.  We will arm you with foreknowledge of the pitfalls that can occur and give you the advantage of good forward planning, enabling you to hand over your business or commercial endeavour with confidence.

Mark Parnall

Director and Head of the Private Client Department