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Disputing a Will and Inheritance Act Claim

Supporting complex inheritance claims, successfully

You wish to challenge a Will or an Estate that has not made provision for you.  Maybe you were a dependent of the deceased individual and either lived with them and/or received financial contributions and support from them.

They have now unfortunately passed away and you find yourself unhappy with the provision that the Will or Intestacy (absence of a Will) has made.

Your Right To A Legal Challenge

You can and should challenge this and the legal means exist for you to do so. Your claim essentially is that the Estate, whether it be by a Will or Intestacy, has not made adequate provisions for you, or promises/commitments made by the deceased person have not been kept.

Sensitivity With Positive Action

This is a sensitive area and naturally you will be upset and grieving.  We will always handle the situation sensitively.  There may be disagreements within the family or the set of people affected by the Estate.  We have the experience to manage that.  The important thing is that you get independent advice without delay with a view to taking action quickly.  There are strict time limits in this situation so action must be taken to protect your position as quickly as possible before any distribution of the Estate.

Here at Parnalls we have significant experience of handling claims of this sort and can get you the best result.

Stephen Robillard

Solicitor – Litigation