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Talk to us:

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Road Traffic Offences

Vigorous and realistic representation with an excellent success rate

Road traffic criminal work has a bad reputation for obvious reasons!

Here at Parnalls we operate a very select criminal road traffic offence service.

We have significant expertise and we use that expertise for Parnalls’ clients to make sure that they have the very best representation should they find themselves on the ‘wrong’ side of the law.

Get The Case Dropped

Our approach to criminal work is very simple.  Try to get the case dropped.  We will do all that we can to liaise with the police, witnesses etc., to try and make the problem go away as then, you will not have to face formal criminal prosecution.  If that unfortunately fails and you do have to face formal Prosecution, then we will be with you every step of the way, whether it be Magistrates’ Court, Crown Court etc.

We have the same approach with road traffic offences.  We try to make them go away and we have a very good rate of success.

Take Our Best Advice Immediately

Being involved in a criminal investigation is a very frightening process especially if you have not experienced that before.  If you are being investigated by the police, you absolutely need to have independent legal advice.  Please do not fall into the trap of thinking that the police are on your side.   They are certainly not and you need to protect yourself.  If you find yourself under investigation from the police then call us without delay.  Do not attend an interview without having obtained legal advice if they are investigating you.

If the police are investigating you then there are potentially serious consequences and you cannot afford not to have legal protection.

So, whether it is a crime, or a road traffic offence, then speak to us immediately.

Initially, there will be a consultation required to work out the extent of the problem.

We will then ensure that you have representation at any interview and liaise with the police to ensure that the interview time is convenient to all parties.  The very fact that you have legal protection at an interview will make the whole matter go more smoothly.

You will not get a free service here at Parnalls, but you will get a very good one.

Katherine Flashman Kitson

Director and Head of the Litigation Department