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Talk to us:

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Retirement Goals and Planning

Helping you to realise your financial goals on retirement

Whether you want to be sure you will be financially secure, wish to remain in your home into old age, want to maximise tax efficiency for your loved ones’ inheritance or find out what the implications of buying that home abroad might be, we can help you with all matters relating to your retirement.

In Safe Hands

As we age we want to be sure of feeling our wishes are in safe hands, and that we can depend on people we trust to make the right decisions for us if we are no longer able to make them for ourselves.  We can help you set up Lasting Power of Attorney, assist with all matters relating to a loss of mental clarity, ensure provision is made for disability into old age and help you plan to ensure your wishes are carried out in full.

If you have significant assets to pass on or an existing family business to sell or hand over, we are well placed to help you consider all your options and make realistic, practical decisions which enable you and your beneficiaries to move into the future positively and decisively.

The Retirement You Want

We can help you create the retirement you want to have, with the peace of mind to enjoy it.

Deborah Adams

Director of the Private Client Department