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Talk to us:

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Stephen Evans

Stephen was born in Cardiff and trained as a solicitor in South Wales, qualifying in 1976. He has practised in Devon and Cornwall ever since. He joined Parnalls in 2020.

Planning, Construction & Development

Specialist Advice For Success Our specialist property department will help to enable you to make a success of your project.  We will advise you in jargon free language, ensuring that you are fully advised on all aspects throughout. From purchasing land to negotiating agreements, from resolving disputes to advising on the implication of Tree Preservation

Planning Disputes

We can offer specialist planning advice and expertise regarding all planning matters. We can represent your planning interests at a Public Inquiry. We have in-depth knowledge across all aspects of planning, in admpeninistrative law and Government guidance, in relation to the validation and determination of planning applications, environmental assessment, the scope and purpose of planning

Site assembly for commercial development

If you have a great idea for developing a piece of unused land, you may find that you need to get control of some neighbouring property to provide access or just to make the development large enough to be financially viable.  Assembling a site can be time-consuming, so it helps if you know what to

Move to the country – Part One

For the first time on record, the average age of someone moving to the countryside is now under 40. More of us, it seems, are cashing in on our city homes and using the sale proceeds to buy somewhere with more space and a greater sense of community. However, if you want to swap the

How overage agreements can boost profits from your land

How overage agreements can boost profits from your land Does your business own land that is ripe for development? If so, how do you get the best value from a potential developer? The price they pay will take into account the time and money they expect to put in, but you will also want it

Selling your land through a conditional contract

If a developer wants to buy your land you will want them to sign on the dotted line as soon as possible. But what if planning permission is required before the development can go ahead or you need the agreement of your neighbour to release you from a restrictive covenant? A well-drafted conditional contract can

How to extend a lease on a flat or buy a share of the freehold

When you buy a flat you will usually buy it via a lease rather than buying it outright. This is because, when you own a flat, there needs to be a mechanism in place to ensure that everyone in the building occupies their space responsibly and contributes to the cost of maintaining and insuring shared