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Talk to us:

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Property Disputes

Establishing your rights as quickly as possible

We are a property owning race and an Englishman’s (or woman’s) home is his (her) castle.  We all want to protect the sanctuary of our homes, properties and our boundaries.  If your home or boundary is threatened you will naturally want to defend yourself and have the best legal representation in doing so.

Extensive Experience

Neighbour disputes can become very nasty and make life miserable.  They are to be avoided at all costs but there are cases where it is unavoidable and you cannot allow your own position to be prejudiced by someone else’s actions.  Here at Parnalls we have extensive experience in dealing with property disputes of all manners.

An Eye To The Facts

We will look at all of the facts, circumstances and history and then assess what the options are.  Sometimes a fresh eye can help you see outside the box and kick start a resolution which otherwise might not have been possible.

The Best Legal Representation

Sometimes litigation is inevitable and indeed is already on-going, in which case you will want the very best legal representation to fight your corner.  At Parnalls, you can be assured that we will fight your corner and get the very best possible result.

Mediation/Going to Court

We will look at all the options available to deal with your case and advise you about them and help you choose the option for you that will give you the best chance of success. If the matter can be mediated, and if that will save time and costs, then we can represent you in mediation. If the matters needs to go to Court we will progress that for you and do whatever it takes.

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