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Employment Advice

Meet your Employment Law obligations with confidence

As an Employer you will be aware that you are governed by Employment Law as to how you deal with your Employees.

Protecting Employers Interests

You have to have Employment Contracts and other employment related documentation in place which must be kept up to date.  You need this to satisfy legal requirements but it can be turned to your advantage as an Employer and at Parnalls we will assist you in making sure that your employment documentation helps you as the Employer, secure advantages for you in running your business.  There is no point in drafting up documentation which is all geared towards the Employee’s interests.  Your interests as Employer need protecting and prioritising too.

Avoiding Costly Disputes

You are also governed by Employment Law in every dealing with an Employee, whether that be in relation to disciplinary proceedings, wages issues or equal treatment.  It is a minefield for all Employers and expert advice is often needed.  Our approach is to help avoid Employers getting into legal disputes with their Employees and avoid litigation, i.e. a legal claim by one of your Employees.   The reason that these have to be avoided is that they are costly, and even if you win you will not get your costs back; they take time away from the workplace; they disrupt the smooth operation of the business and they are stressful.  They are to be avoided at all costs.

Talk To Us Before Taking Action

We advise all of our Employer clients that if a problem arises with an Employee, before you act, call us and talk over the issue and let us look at the options available to you and advise an option that is both legal and practical and that will minimise the risk of litigation.  Employers can save thousands by taking advice before reacting.  At the very least, we will be able to assist you in avoiding pitfalls, which would otherwise  lead to further conflict and costly litigation.

We have the experience and expertise to assist you as a business with all of your Employment Law needs:

  • We can draw up your contractual documentation from scratch
  • We can review your existing contractual documentation together with Company Handbook and Equal Opportunities Policies
  • We can assist you in going through a disciplinary process with an Employee
  • If you do receive claim notification from an Employee, we can represent you in the Tribunal and assist you in trying to resolve that dispute minimising the cost to the business

Every Employer must be concerned about Employment Law now.  You cannot ignore it. 

Katherine Flashman Kitson

Director and Head of the Litigation Department