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Talk to us:

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Divorce and Separation

Whether simple or complex, we will help you to make a success of your separation

The Right Advice

Nobody wants to experience divorce and we understand that it is usually a highly stressful time.   At a time when you are often at your most vulnerable and confused, key decisions that may affect the rest of your life have to be made.  Often these will involve protecting the interests of your children as the top priority.

We have excellent lawyers who understand all the factors at play in helping you see your way through this difficult time.  They will help you learn what your rights are, strike a fair balance with your ex-partner and protect your family and welfare.  They will guide you through the many different ways there are to approach a separation and divorce, helping you choose the path that is right for you.

Keeping Costs Down

For families for whom the process is simple and clear we can offer a fixed fee divorce, giving you peace of mind over the cost of legal fees.

If you are going to struggle with your legal bills we can make arrangements with you to set up a monthly standing order or direct debit to help spread the cost of your legal fees and assist you at a difficult time.

Sorting Out Finances

Sorting out finances in a breakup situation is never easy. There may be limited assets, there may be complex assets, there may be a business involved, there will inevitably be a matrimonial home involved. You need to ensure your position is protected both for the short and long term. We can help you protect your position and ensure a fair deal in a disputed situation.

For those with more complex financial and family arrangements, we have extensive experience in the fair distribution of trusts, investments, property and business interests and in dealing with domestic arrangements in both the UK and abroad.

Arrangements for Children – Custody and Contact

If there are children involved in the partnership the issue of where the children will live and how contact will work out needs to be resolved. It may be this can be dealt with by agreement but it may be legal input is required. We can deal with these issues in a sensitive but robust way to ensure the children’s position as well as your own is protected and maintained.

Get Early Advice 

When you decide or learn you are separating please speak to us as soon as possible, so we can advise you on how best to proceed from the beginning. Good advice at this point is the key to the smoothest resolution for all concerned.

We Will Listen to You

The most important starting point for any family dispute is that we listen to you and find out all the facts about what has happened to date, what the present situation is and what you are hoping to achieve. We will do that on a face to face basis in a relaxed and friendly way so you will have peace of mind that we know all the facts and can represent your position accordingly.

Stephen Robillard

Solicitor – Litigation