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Talk to us:

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Wills, Trusts, Probate,
Estates & Inheritance

Discreet, clear and sound advice from a team who have your
family’s long-term interest at heart

All inheritance is unique to the people involved.  We have a great deal of expertise in this area and we are known for offering discreet, sound advice which helps our clients make the most of their particular situation.

Efficient Management Of Inheritance

We have a large amount of experience in helping our clients efficiently manage leaving and inheriting land, money, property and valuable possessions.

Setting Up A Will Or Trust

We can help you set up a new Will or Trust.  We will advise on Wealth Protection, and we will ensure that any bequest or succession plan is maximised in its efficiency, practicality and clarity, giving you peace of mind and the knowledge that what you have worked hard to create will be used exactly as you intend.

Applying For Probate Or A Letter Of Administration

Following a death, in order to have the right to carry out the wishes of the deceased it may be necessary to apply for a Grant of Probate.  If the person who has died has not left a Will you will need a Grant Of Letter Of Administration.

This confirms you as the executor or administrator and gives you the authority to deal with property, money or belongings as set out in the Will or as most suitable when a Will is not present.  You can apply for this yourself or we can help you make your application.

Intestate (No Will) Advice

We provide clear intestate advice where no clear Will has been left and can help family members or those with a clear right to a claim investigate their options and work toward making a successful claim wherever possible.

Specialists In Complex Wealth Preservation

We can advise on all matters which arise from inheritance and we specialise in more complex areas such as capital gains, stamp duty land tax and agricultural and business property relief.

Deborah Adams

Director of the Private Client Department