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Talk to us:

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Accident, Compensation
& Personal Injury

Acting on your instructions; getting the best results

You have had an accident. It may be on the road, at another property, at work, involving a product or service or involving an animal.  You have suffered loss and injury.  You need professional and effective legal help.

We guarantee that we can provide you with the very best service to pursue your accident claim.

From the very start we will see you and have a face to face meeting to discuss the details of your accident, your loss and your injuries.  You will be seen by a qualified solicitor from the very start.

Your claim will be pursued by qualified solicitors with over 25 years’ experience in pursuing accident claims.  It will not be handled by unqualified members of staff.

Personal Service

We deal with every case and every client as an individual.  We will make sure that we know all of the details of your claim, your accident and how it has affected you.  We are not running these claims as part of a high bulk factory line approach.  Every case is dealt with on its own merits and every case is important.

If necessary, if there are mobility or health issues, we can sometimes come and see you at home or at a venue which will be more convenient for your situation.

We will always keep you informed.  We are happy to communicate by email, phone or face to face.

We will always explain the process clearly to you.  If you have questions at any time, you need not hesitate to contact us.

Our aim is to maximise your compensation and get you the very best outcome.

Your Best Interests

We will always act upon your instructions; we will set out your options and give you sound practical advice based on our considerable experience and then you will decide how to go forward.  We will always handle your case with the upmost sensitivity.  We know that there are personal and intimate matters involved and  will always be approachable and tactful.

So, whether you have had suffered a road traffic accident, an accident at work, an accident in a public place or any other accident involving a product, instruct us without delay.  Make sure that you speak to us first.

Sometimes, with road traffic accident claims, they are passed by your own road traffic insurers to their panel lawyers.  These are legal organisations who have close relationships with insurers, who receive bulk work from insurers and who work closely with insurers to pursue claims.  You may find that you are pushed to one of those by your insurers as part of the post-accident process.  Do not be fooled and do not make this mistake.  Ask yourself are you are going to get the best independent and personal advice and service in pursuing your claim.

Face to Face

If you go down the route of being pushed to one of these firms, you are very unlikely to see someone face to face, the person you are dealing with is unlikely to be qualified at all, let alone with 25 years qualification experience. You will find that a number of individuals are ‘handling’ your claim and that whenever you contact the organisation you speak to someone different.  You will feel like you are a number and not an individual.  It is unlikely that the full details of how you have suffered and what you have lost since the accident will ever be appreciated.  Plus, can you be assured of independent advice?

If you instruct us, we will only be acting for you.  We do not have cosy relationships with the insurance companies and we do not pursue claims on their behalf.  Our priority is you the client, and that is our only priority.

No Win No Fee Agreement

We can act for you under a No Win No Fee Agreement, and will advise you about all the funding options available.

You will not regret instructing Parnalls to pursue your accident claim for you.  Call us without delay.

Katherine Flashman Kitson

Director and Head of the Litigation Department