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Planning, Construction & Development

Specialist Advice For Success Our specialist property department will help to enable you to make a success of your project.  We will advise you in jargon free language, ensuring that you are fully advised on all aspects throughout. From purchasing land to negotiating agreements, from resolving disputes to advising on the implication of Tree Preservation

Property Disputes

We are a property owning race and an Englishman’s (or woman’s) home is his (her) castle.  We all want to protect the sanctuary of our homes, properties and our boundaries.  If your home or boundary is threatened you will naturally want to defend yourself and have the best legal representation in doing so. Neighbour Disputes

Planning Disputes

We can offer specialist planning advice and expertise regarding all planning matters. We can represent your planning interests at a Public Inquiry. We have in-depth knowledge across all aspects of planning, in admpeninistrative law and Government guidance, in relation to the validation and determination of planning applications, environmental assessment, the scope and purpose of planning

Preparing to sell your Launceston property

For anyone whose property is either currently on the market or for anyone considering selling their home in the near future, now could be a great time to get your home ready and looking its best. We have set out below some tips which we hope will be of use: 1. First impressions count Remember

Five problems with a leasehold property

If you are looking to buy a new home, you may find many of the properties within your price range are leasehold. Recent stories of leaseholders exploited by unscrupulous landlords have dominated the press, even giving rise to the term ‘fleecehold.’ Should you be concerned? Claire Wicks, Legal Executive with Parnalls Solicitors, looks at some

Meeting your conveyancing solicitor, what you need to prepare

Preparing and collecting all the information for your first meeting with your conveyancing solicitor, whether that meeting is face-to-face or virtual, will get your transaction off to a good start. Here, Claire Wicks, a residential property solicitor with Parnalls in looks at how you can help to get things moving quickly. Prepare ID and source

The Right to Make Noise

In areas of new residential development, how can existing businesses ensure that they are not adversely affected?  Whilst most businesses would welcome the introduction of more local potential customers, there is often a concern that new housing may bring complaints from new residents about noise levels, and that local Councils might take action based on

Would you pay a premium for a south-facing garden?

A recent study carried out by Rightmove has found that homes listed as having a south-facing garden are priced, on average, £22,695 higher than those without, being a 7% national premium. As well as being worth more, these homes have also been found to sell faster.  The study shows that they are likely to sell

New Planning Relaxation Is Not the Whole Storey

Planning rules are being further relaxed. With the Government seeking to have the country build its way out of its housing (and Treasury) shortages, rules on vertical extensions are being eased substantially. From September, owners of 2-storey detached homes can seek approval for a 2-storey extension using the simplified method ‘prior approval’ process, instead of

What effect could the new changes to stamp duty have on property sales?

Parnalls’ property lawyer Iain Robinson has identified some of the obvious and less obvious effects of the changes to Stamp Duty Land Tax unveiled yesterday by the Chancellor: Residential property under £500k is now SDLT-free, except for second home-owners and landlords. An SDLT cut usually pushes prices up: a lower tax bill means buyers can