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family law

New Divorce Law – Arrangements for Children

Tactful and effective legal support for children and their guardians Protecting The Best Interests Of Children We understand that the needs of your children, protecting their welfare and best interests, lie at the heart of every decision you make. Whether you are trying to make a general decision on who they should live with for

New Divorce Law – Collaborative Divorce & Mediation

Sympathetic and effective guidance to help you find a balanced route to separation Finding The Fairest Solution There are several alternatives to court for divorcing couples, and for many people they can result in a more positive and less expensive outcome than the court process.   Your solicitor can help you identify which one you think

New Divorce Law – Fixed Fees for Clients

Parnalls offer a fixed fee undefended, straightforward divorce from £600 plus disbursements* and VAT. Under our fixed fee service, we will: Have a meeting with you advising of the process Advise you of the documents and information that we will require from you Draft the documents to start your divorce Liaise with your husband/wife/their lawyer


The Right Advice  Nobody wants to experience divorce and we understand that it is usually a highly stressful time.   At a time when you are often at your most vulnerable and confused, key decisions that may affect the rest of your life have to be made.  Often these will involve protecting the interests of your

New Divorce Law – My Perspective

You may have read about the law regarding divorce having changed and this came into effect on Thursday. The change is basically to change divorce from a fault based action to a non fault based one. Let me explain.   In the past if you wanted to get divorced you had to come up with

No Fault Divorce Explained

The new law on divorces is the biggest shakeup in divorce law in 50 years. The new law will remove the requirement to establish one or more fault grounds by one party against the other to prove the marriage has irretrievably broken down. Instead of attributing blame for the relationship breakdown to one party, either

Information to gather for your probate solicitor

As executor of the estate, it is your responsibility to ensure your probate solicitor has all the information necessary to administer the estate. The amount of information will depend on the complexity of the deceased person’s various assets and investments and how well organised they were with their paperwork. ‘The better the information that you

Do I need a cohabitation agreement?

A cohabitation agreement is an agreement made between partners who are not married yet share either the same property or substantive assets. The idea is to protect their own interests in the event that a breakup should occur. The general view is that cohabitation agreements are enforceable as long as they are entered into freely,

Should I get a cohabitation agreement?

If you are or are thinking of cohabiting with another person, have you thought about the consequences of one of the parties leaving or the cohabiting relationship failing? Will the other person be able to make a claim on your property? Will you be able to get them out the property? When deciding whether or

Social Distancing No Obstacle for Parnall’s Mobile Document Signing Team

The present social distancing requirements imposed by the Government to slow the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic present a particular challenge for the execution and signing of legal documents.  For a will to be valid, it must be signed in the physical presence of two witnesses that are not beneficiaries under the will. This means