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Talk to us:

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Debt recovery and how we can help

Cash flow is vital for everyone but sometimes it is embarrassing or difficult to ask a friend or business to repay what they owe.  Every lender needs an effective Debt Recovery service on their side when they are not being repaid what they are owed. Recovering a debt is essentially a contractual dispute and here

Site assembly for commercial development

If you have a great idea for developing a piece of unused land, you may find that you need to get control of some neighbouring property to provide access or just to make the development large enough to be financially viable.  Assembling a site can be time-consuming, so it helps if you know what to

Social Distancing No Obstacle for Parnall’s Mobile Document Signing Team

The present social distancing requirements imposed by the Government to slow the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic present a particular challenge for the execution and signing of legal documents.  For a will to be valid, it must be signed in the physical presence of two witnesses that are not beneficiaries under the will. This means

Services Update: Continuity of Legal Service Provision

These are concerning times for many. We want all of our clients to rest assured that our systems and processes continue to enable Parnalls to provide the full range of legal services our clients depend on. We have now put in place two new procedures to assist our clients as they navigate these uncertain times:

Coronavirus Update

Steps we’re taking to ensure we continue to serve you Even during these most unusual times, Parnalls are working for you. To ensure that all normal services can be provided throughout this challenging time, we have introduced the following measures: strict social distancing procedures within our office enhanced cleaning including thorough disinfection of surfaces availability

Is an electronic signature on a commercial property document acceptable?

As more aspects of business move online, there is a drive to do everything digitally.  The process of buying and selling property has always relied heavily on paper, but there has been huge change over the last decade and more can now be done online. Commercial property investors want to take advantage of this, but

Social Media Training for Businesses

When it comes to social media, most businesses will have the usual… Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn accounts locally promoting their offering. This is the standard nowadays.  So if we can all agree, whether we like to or not, that the world revolves around good socials as the new standard of advertising, then what does this