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Prosecutions by a Public Authority

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What do you do if you are in a dispute with a public authority which may be at the early stages or may have already proceeded to a public prosecution? This may be with a depart of the local Council or a Government Agency like the Environment Agency etc.

Early Advice

Take advice at the earliest possible stage. The reason that is important is it may be we may be able to avert the crisis for you and help you work with the public authority to avoid prosecution. Prosecution is a bad option and will involve a lot of time, cost and stress and is best avoided if possible. Representation is vital. You must protect yourself. You should not speak freely to the investigating authority; you should not give interviews freely; you should protect your interests and be guarded in your communications. It is vital to take legal advice at this stage. We can help you protect your position and not make any admissions or statements which may prejudice your position or a prosecution in the longer term.

If there is to be an informal or formal interview we can either advise you beforehand on how to deal with it or we can accompany you and ensure your position is protected throughout.

Compromised Solutions

Our priority is to try to achieve a compromised solution with the investigating authority on your behalf that does not involve prosecution and will not leave you with a criminal record, court appearances and hefty fines. We will assist you in working with the public authority to explore what compromises may be available. This is usually a preferred solution if available.

Defending you in a Prosecution

If a formal prosecution is brought then you will need legal representation. It is vital. We have extensive experience of representing clients on these types of prosecutions in various courts and can assist you with the process and protect your position throughout and advise you as to all the option so you can make informed decision.

Katherine Flashman Kitson

Director and Head of the Litigation Department