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Why you should always use a solicitor to prepare your will

Making a will is one of the best things you can do to ensure your family are taken care of when you die and that your money, property and other belongings are passed on to the people or good causes you have chosen. To make a valid will there are certain requirements that need to

Property of Cornish residents who die without a will goes to Prince Charles

Prince Charles’ private estate receives hundreds of thousands of pounds each year from people who pass away in Cornwall without leaving behind them a will or any living relatives. Due to powers stretching back centuries known as bona vacantia – a term used for ownerless land – all unclaimed property from a person who dies

What happens when there is no health & care LPA in place

‘Never put off till tomorrow what may be done the day after tomorrow just as well,’ said Mark Twain in 1881 – when on average men died at 50 and women reached 56. Nowadays, average life expectancy for men in the UK is 79 and 83 for women, and one-in-every-fourteen people over 65 is likely

Running a business from home

More people are opting to start their own business or to join the gig economy, and the past decade has seen a 74 per cent rise in the number of people working from home. Running a business from home can give you flexibility and make for a good work-life balance. It can also be an

Formal Interviews – Do you need legal representation?

I hope you never need this advice and you are never summonsed to a formal interview by the Police or other public body but it is worth reading this article in case you are because you need this knowledge before you make a decision as to how to handle it. The scenario is this. For

Is your organisation protected from employee social media legal risk?

Are you aware that employers can be liable for their employee’s unlawful social media posts made in the course of their employment? It doesn’t matter if the unlawful post was made deliberately or unintentionally or even without the employer’s knowledge. This can sometimes include posts made outside of office hours and can be very costly

Have you been targeted by negative social media posts?

Did you know that your business reputation can be damaged by negative online posts and reviews, causing loss of customers and profits? Your personal reputation can also suffer. Contrary to popular belief you do not have to stand by and do nothing if you are the subject of false online posts.  In fact, there are

Farmers be alert when being inspected

Many local businesses within the South West are engaged in the business of farming and as such are regulated by a number of public authorities including Public Protection, Animal Health, Trading Standards and their various guises. Most businesses are lucky enough never to be subject to investigation or inspection, or even prosecution, but Katherine Flashman Kitson,

Help for House Sellers?

Selling a house has been revealed by various studies to be the most stressful life experience. What often adds to the stress is a buyer pulling out at the last minute without genuine reason which can have both an emotional and financial impact. The government believes that they have come up with a solution to

Don’t let your digital assets end up in a digital grave

In 2018, according to Forbes, the top ten YouTube stars were earning between $14.5 and $22 million. The top earner was a seven-year old boy named Ryan who reviewed toys for other children. While most of us are not in that league, many people now have a wide variety of online accounts which create a