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employment law

Are you involved in an employment dispute?

Early Advice  Are you an employer with some sort of dispute with an employee? If so, the best advice we can give you is take early advice. Speak to us at the outset before you do anything. Taking advice at this stage can possibly solve the dispute then, stop it spiralling out of control and

Your responsibilities when you have people working in your home

Lots of us have people working in our home for various reasons. It might be domestic help; a self-employed contractor etc. What, if any, liability do you as a householder bear towards them. The answer is quite a lot says Katherine Flashman Kitson, Director & Head of Litigation at Parnalls Solicitors, Launceston. You are the owner/occupier

Legal Time Limits – why so important?

Legal proceedings are littered with various time frames and deadlines which means that making sense of what and when something needs to be done can be stressful and difficult. The courts of England and Wales continually set deadlines throughout a case about what needs to be done and when. Falling foul of the rules and

Been Asked to Sign an Employment Settlement Agreement? Seek Advice Urgently…

Many of you will be suffering problems with your employment at the moment in these very difficult times. If your employers are looking to terminate your employment you may be being required to enter into a Settlement Agreement/Compromise Agreement. This is an Agreement reflecting the terms agreed by employer or employee (or not agreed) to

Not so safe at work – compensation for an accident at work

Despite the UK’s extensive health and safety legislation lots of people still suffer a serious injury at their place of work. The industries where accidents are statistically most likely to occur are manufacturing, construction, transportation and warehousing. However, accidents can happen in any working environment and an assistant director on the James Bond films was

Choosing a partnership structure

You and your business partner may have a fantastic business idea and wish to launch your business as soon as possible, but before you do so it is vital that you give adequate thought to what type of partnership will best suit your needs. Alternatively, you may have been in business for some time and

The potential implications of Brexit on employment law

Employment law is one area that could change post-Brexit and this could therefore affect you whether you are an employer or an employee. Immediately post-Brexit there is unlikely to be any significant change to basic employment law, because much of EU employment law has been brought into effect by UK legislation that will remain in