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Employer dispute

Employment Disputes

Early Advice Are you an employer with some sort of dispute with an employee? If so, the best advice we can give you is take early advice. Speak to us at the outset before you do anything. Taking advice at this stage can possibly solve the dispute then, stop it spiralling out of control and

Katherine Flashman Kitson celebrating 25 years as a director of Parnalls

 This month I am celebrating 25 years of being a Director here at Parnalls Solicitors. It is tough times as you all know, so celebrating special events is even more important and for me there is every reason to. I joined Parnalls as a Director in January 1996. In some ways that sounds an age

Hearing loss: when your employer may be liable

Hearing loss at work hit the headlines recently when a former viola player sought to sue the Royal Opera House for damage to his hearing, allegedly caused when he was positioned too close to the brass section in the orchestra while rehearsing for Wagners Die Walküre in 2012. While most people are not forced to

The potential implications of Brexit on employment law

Employment law is one area that could change post-Brexit and this could therefore affect you whether you are an employer or an employee. Immediately post-Brexit there is unlikely to be any significant change to basic employment law, because much of EU employment law has been brought into effect by UK legislation that will remain in

Disciplinary proceedings at work: guide for employers

Employers should have a disciplinary process in place, but just following this may not be enough to avoid falling foul of the law and exposing yourself to the risk of an employment tribunal claim.