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Residential property

Gazundering, what it is and how to avoid it

A recent survey found over 40 per cent of all sellers are concerned about gazundering, a practice which tends to increase in a flat or falling property market. Here Claire Wicks, a residential conveyancing expert with Parnalls Solicitors in Launceston, looks at this problem and offers some advice on how to ensure you sell your

Running a business from home

More people are opting to start their own business or to join the gig economy, and the past decade has seen a 74 per cent rise in the number of people working from home. Running a business from home can give you flexibility and make for a good work-life balance. It can also be an

Houses in multiple occupation – new rules from October 2018

The regulations governing houses in multiple occupation (HMOs) are changing on 1 October 2018.  They will now extend to smaller properties, affecting more landlords.  The rules on exactly what constitutes an HMO are complex and failure to comply is an offence, so landlords must get specialist legal advice to make sure they stay within the

Top tips for first-time buyers

Top tips for first-time buyers The number of first-time buyers is at its highest for ten years, accounting for 51 per cent of the market despite rising prices and record deposits according to the Halifax. If you are thinking about taking that first step onto the property ladder, the legal aspects of ownership may be

Considerations when buying a heritage property

When many of us think about heritage properties, we think of buildings associated with our architectural past: a castle, stately home or elegant Georgian townhouse perhaps. But new developments, such as barn and warehouse conversions, may also be heritage properties if they are listed or in a conservation area. In this article, Louis Mathers, residential

Equity release, your questions answered

Record numbers of home owners are choosing to unlock the money tied up in their homes through equity release schemes.  The promise of access to cash without having to move is an attractive proposition but taking out money from your home to enjoy your retirement or provide financial help to family members comes at a

Conveyancing quotes: what you need to know

Buying a new home is exciting, whether it is a first-time purchase, a step up the property ladder or a buy-to-let investment.  In all cases, you will need a conveyancing lawyer to act for you to ensure you are alerted to any potential problems or risks, and that your purchase proceeds as smoothly as possible. 

Financing your home purchase (Part 2)

In the second of a two-part series of articles on how different ways of buying a home can affect your legal rights, Louis Mathers conveyancing lawyer with Parnalls in Launceston,  explained the implications of using self-funded options and government-backed schemes.  In this article, he looks at the implications of using a mortgage or private loan.

Financing your home purchase (Part 1)

When thinking about buying your first home, or selling your existing one to move up the property ladder, you may be tempted to raise the money you need using what you believe to be the quickest and cheapest method.  You may also be tempted by offers of shared ownership and the various schemes available which

How to avoid falling victim to property fraud

Property fraud occurs when someone tries to ‘steal’ your property and use it for their benefit.   Usually it is committed by a fraudster assuming your identity to sell or mortgage your property without you knowing. It is a growing problem and one that all property owners are at risk of.  Between September 2009 and September