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Personal injury

Accident at work: what to do and when if you have been injured

Accidents in the workplace are commonplace. Katherine Flashman Kitson personal injury specialist and Director at Parnalls outlines essential steps to take if you have been injured while at work. Report the accident Any injury at work should be reported to your employer immediately and recorded in your workplace accident book.  If no accident book exists,

Your responsibilities when you have people working in your home

Lots of us have people working in our home for various reasons. It might be domestic help; a self-employed contractor etc. What, if any, liability do you as a householder bear towards them. The answer is quite a lot says Katherine Flashman Kitson, Director & Head of Litigation at Parnalls Solicitors, Launceston. You are the owner/occupier

Accident or Injury Involving a Dog?

As a nation we are, on the whole, dog lovers and who wouldn’t be as so many of our canine friends are wonderful companions and support. Unfortunately, and thankfully infrequently, there are attacks on individuals by dogs and often these individuals tend to be children, although that is not always the case. If you are

Not so safe at work – compensation for an accident at work

Despite the UK’s extensive health and safety legislation lots of people still suffer a serious injury at their place of work. The industries where accidents are statistically most likely to occur are manufacturing, construction, transportation and warehousing. However, accidents can happen in any working environment and an assistant director on the James Bond films was

Motorcycle accidents – what to consider when claiming compensation

Motorcycle accidents Motorcyclists represent only a small proportion of road users but account for a significant percentage of the deaths and serious injuries on the roads. Unfortunately for motorcyclists, there is a greater risk of an accident causing serious personal injury. There are a number of reasons for this, including the fact that motorcyclists are