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Equity release, your questions answered

Record numbers of home owners are choosing to unlock the money tied up in their homes through equity release schemes.  The promise of access to cash without having to move is an attractive proposition but taking out money from your home to enjoy your retirement or provide financial help to family members comes at a

Financing your home purchase (Part 2)

In the second of a two-part series of articles on how different ways of buying a home can affect your legal rights, Louis Mathers conveyancing lawyer with Parnalls in Launceston,  explained the implications of using self-funded options and government-backed schemes.  In this article, he looks at the implications of using a mortgage or private loan.

Financing your home purchase (Part 1)

When thinking about buying your first home, or selling your existing one to move up the property ladder, you may be tempted to raise the money you need using what you believe to be the quickest and cheapest method.  You may also be tempted by offers of shared ownership and the various schemes available which

The Bank of Mum and Dad: top tips when lending money to your children  

If your children or grandchildren are struggling to get onto the property ladder you may have considered offering them money to help.  If you have, you are not alone.  According to a recent report by Legal and General, family and friends in the UK gave their loved ones £5 billion to fund house purchases in

Top tips for pushing your house purchase through as quickly as possible

Six ways to speed up your house purchase    Finding the house of your dreams can be difficult, but once you have found it you will want to secure it as soon as possible.  Louis Mathers, property lawyer at Parnalls Solicitors in Launceston, outlines how you can do this in six easy steps. “I am often