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Ten common debt recovery mistakes

Stephen Robillard, Solicitor in our Litigation Department looks at the ten most common mistakes business owners make when it comes to tackling debtors and advises on the best course of action. Failing to have a credit policy When a company provides goods or services before receiving payment, it is essentially the same as handing over

Your responsibilities when you have people working in your home

Lots of us have people working in our home for various reasons. It might be domestic help; a self-employed contractor etc. What, if any, liability do you as a householder bear towards them. The answer is quite a lot says Katherine Flashman Kitson, Director & Head of Litigation at Parnalls Solicitors, Launceston. You are the owner/occupier

Could carelessness on social media land you in court?

Did you know that you can be sued for posting something online that is not true or for sharing or endorsing a false post made by someone else?  Did you also know that if you are sued, you could be ordered to pay compensation and legal costs and forced to make a public apology? If

What happens when there is no health & care LPA in place

‘Never put off till tomorrow what may be done the day after tomorrow just as well,’ said Mark Twain in 1881 – when on average men died at 50 and women reached 56. Nowadays, average life expectancy for men in the UK is 79 and 83 for women, and one-in-every-fourteen people over 65 is likely

Social Media Training for Businesses

When it comes to social media, most businesses will have the usual… Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn accounts locally promoting their offering. This is the standard nowadays.  So if we can all agree, whether we like to or not, that the world revolves around good socials as the new standard of advertising, then what does this

New organ donation law: giving you control

Around 6,000 people in the UK are on the transplant waiting list; and in 2018 alone, at least one person a day died while waiting for a transplant, according to the NHS. New laws on organ donation consent are coming into force in Spring 2020 which the government hopes will help save hundreds of lives.

Buying a home: the importance of making sure the seller is entitled to sell

If you are buying a house or a flat your conveyancer will need to carry out many checks and searches as part of the conveyancing process to make sure everything goes smoothly and that you get the keys to your dream home as quickly as possible. One of the most important things they will need

Changing a will after someone has died: it is possible and it could save you money

Sometimes the generosity of a friend or relative leaving you a gift in their will can backfire if it turns out your estate will need to pay tax on it or if there is a chance that it could be swallowed up in future care costs or in satisfying some other type of claim. It

Considerations when buying a heritage property

When many of us think about heritage properties, we think of buildings associated with our architectural past: a castle, stately home or elegant Georgian townhouse perhaps. But new developments, such as barn and warehouse conversions, may also be heritage properties if they are listed or in a conservation area. In this article, Louis Mathers, residential

A landlord’s guide to tenant alterations

A landlord who lets property to a tenant will want to know that they will get the property back at the end of the lease in a fit state to quickly re-let. Controlling the tenant’s right to make alterations is a key aspect of this. As Louis Mathers, commercial property expert with Parnall’s Solicitors explains,