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inheritance tax

Why you should always use a solicitor to prepare your will

Making a will is one of the best things you can do to ensure your family are taken care of when you die and that your money, property and other belongings are passed on to the people or good causes you have chosen. To make a valid will there are certain requirements that need to

Farmers plan to diversify after Brexit

Research published recently by NFU Mutual reveals that that one in five farmers plan to diversify into other enterprises to support their farm business after Brexit, says a new report published by the The National Farmers Union (NFU).  View the full Business Cornwall Magazine article here  The NFU Diversification Report looks at the latest trends, insights and analysis

Changing a will after someone has died: it is possible and it could save you money

Sometimes the generosity of a friend or relative leaving you a gift in their will can backfire if it turns out your estate will need to pay tax on it or if there is a chance that it could be swallowed up in future care costs or in satisfying some other type of claim. It

Equity release, your questions answered

Record numbers of home owners are choosing to unlock the money tied up in their homes through equity release schemes.  The promise of access to cash without having to move is an attractive proposition but taking out money from your home to enjoy your retirement or provide financial help to family members comes at a

Leaving a gift to charity in your will

Leaving a gift to charity in your will Time spent with family and friends over the festive period can make you realise how precious life is and the importance of ensuring that those you love and care about are provided for when you die.  Among those you wish to benefit from your will may be