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New Agriculture Bill published

In the article ‘How Could Brexit Affect My Farm?’ we explored some of the potential impacts of Brexit on farm businesses. In September 2018 the Government published the Agriculture Bill 2018, which contains the framework for UK agricultural policy post-Brexit. The main goal of the Bill is arguably to outline the replacement of the Basic

Will Brexit affect my pension?

If you are currently one of in excess of 220,000 people living overseas with a UK pension, you will be pleased to hear that you will continue to receive your pension whatever the outcome of Brexit. Your concern should be what your pension will be worth as time goes on. The UK currently has an

Settled status after Brexit by Alexis Hager

How the UK will manage the ‘settled status’ of over three million EU nationals involves a process and procedure that will be put in place for when the post Brexit scheme opens after 29 March 2018. EU citizens and their families in the UK, regardless of when they arrived will be required to obtain an

How Could Brexit Affect My Farm?

How Could Brexit Affect My Farm – Article by Ben Mitchell, Commercial Property Solicitor With the United Kingdom set to leave the European Union on 29 March 2019, time is running out for the Government to come to an agreement with the EU as to the terms on which the UK is to leave. The

Brexit ­– an international and local view by Alexis Hager, Litigation

I have no doubt that my personal experience has a bearing on my views on Brexit. Born in Toronto, Canada, I have an international background including an American father and grandparents from Lebanon/England. I therefore regard myself as an international person. For me, the process of becoming a British citizen was that of naturalisation, and