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Talk to us:

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Divorce Fees

Our fees depending on your situation

Simple Divorce On A Fixed Fee Basis

Parnalls now offer a fixed fee undefended, straightforward divorce from £700* plus disbursements** and VAT.

Under our fixed fee service, we will:

  • Have a meeting with you advising of the process
  • Advise you of the documents and information that we will require from you
  • Draft the documents to start your divorce
  • Liaise with your husband/wife/their lawyer prior to starting your divorce
  • Send any necessary papers to the Court
  • Upon receiving the Acknowledge of Service, prepare any further documentation necessary to progress your divorce.
  • Keeping you advised regarding the Conditional Order and applying for the Final Order.
  • Corresponding with your husband/wife/lawyer throughout.
*This is an increase due to the unprecedented delays were are facing with the courts and the frequent chasing required to progress divorces.

**Please note a Court fee is payable for divorce. As of September 2021 the Court fee is £593 although this is reviewed and increased from time to time. You may qualify for a fee remission depending on your finances, and we can apply to recover some or all of this fee in some circumstances from the person you are divorcing.

Under our fixed fee service, we will not:

  • Deal with your matter where either party is not living in the UK
  • Deal with the matter when your husband/wife cannot be found or will not cooperate
  • Deal with an application for Bailiff Service
  • Deal with proceedings which become defended
  • Prepare an application to reduce or avoid the Court fee (this service is available for an additional charge)
  • Obtain a copy of your marriage certificate
  • Attend Court
  • Deal with issues in respect of children or financial matters
  • Arrange meetings with you that are not necessary to progress the application to end a marriage.
  • We will confirm that your matter is suitable for our fixed fee service on receipt of your detailed instructions. If your matter does not fall within our fixed fee service, we will still be able to undertake the work for you under our hourly rate service.

If you would like to be considered for a fixed fee divorce please contact our Litigation Department.  Our experienced family lawyer will be pleased to advise you and support you in resolving your problems.

For more information on these services, please call 01566 772375, email or click here