Our Commercial and Residential Property team is well known and respected for its expertise, knowledge and experience in buying and selling residential property.  We understand that what our clients want is excellent advice, dedicated and easy-to-contact solicitors.  One of our great strengths is to move a sale or purchase through quickly where necessary, and we have a proven ability to act on urgent deadlines getting the best outcomes for our clients.

The team is led by Mark Parnall, a Property Solicitor.

Ben Mitchell is a solicitor with in-depth knowledge and experience in commercial and residential property.  He qualified in 2018 and has an hourly rate of £175

Claire Wicks is a Chartered Legal Executive.  She joined Parnalls Solicitors in 2010 and qualified in 2018, and has an hourly rate of £150 plus VAT

Iain Robinson is a solicitor with in-depth knowledge and experience in commercial and residential property.  He qualified in 2009 and has an hourly rate of £215 plus VAT

Stephen Evans is a property and planning solicitor with in-depth knowledge and experience in commercial and residential property.  He qualified in 1976 and has an hourly rate of £285 plus VAT

Brenda Johnson is a Land Registry Assistant with an hourly rate of £145 plus VAT

Gemma Blakely, Helen Overbeck and Wendy Meneer are assistants to the Commercial and Residential Property team with an hourly rate of £125 plus VAT

Megan Ridgman is an assistant to the Commercial and Residential Property team with an hourly rate of £75 plus VAT

Ryan Lemon is a trainee solicitor with an hourly rate of £75 plus VAT

Purchase of Residential Property

Our fees cover the work required to complete the purchase of your new home.  In brief, this involves taking your instructions*, reviewing the contract of sale*, reviewing the title*, carrying out appropriate searches*, raising enquiries of the buyer, reporting to you on the property and transaction~, arranging the exchange of contracts~, completion of the transaction, registration at the Land Registry and filing and forwarding payment for any Stamp Duty Land Tax or Land Transaction Tax return.

How long will my house purchase take?

How long it will take from your offer being accepted until you complete the purchase will depend on a number of factors. The average process takes between 6-10 weeks. It can be quicker or slower, depending on the parties in the chain.  Ordinarily the elements with an * above take place in the first two or three weeks, the elements with a ~ in the second two or three, and the other elements towards the end.

Conveyancing fees and disbursements

For purchases, there is a legal fee which is dependent on the transaction value of the property being sold:-


Transaction Value              Estimated Conveyancing              VAT Cost
Over £350,000                         Costs on request

£300,000 – £350,000             £1,150 – £1,250                             £210 – £250
£250,000 – £300,000             £950 – £1,050                               £190 – £210
£200,000 – £250,000             £850 – £950                                  £170 – £190

£150,000 – £200,000              £750 – £850                                  £150 – £170




Transaction Value          Estimated Conveyancing                VAT Cost
Over £350,000                     Costs on request

£300,000 to £350,000       £1,200 – £1,400                              £240 – £280
£250,000 to £300,000       £1,100 – £1,200                              £220 – £240
£200,000 to £250,000       £1,000 – £1,100                              £200 – £220
£150,000 – £200,000          £900 – £1,000                                £180 – £200

We also charge a telegraphic transfer fee for remitting purchase monies to Seller’s Solicitors; £31.68 (inc VAT)


In addition to the above we also charge £350 plus VAT for acting for your mortgage lender.  We will advise you on the terms of the mortgage, review the property against the lender’s lending criteria and certify title to the lender where appropriate, collect in the mortgage money, arrange for you to sign the mortgage deed and register the mortgage at the Land Registry


These are subject to location, size and nature of the property and a specific estimate will be given on request.

Example Search fees:

  • Local Search (Cornwall Council): £238
  • Environment and Planning Search: £80
  • Drainage and Water Search: £64
  • Mining Search (If necessary): £65
  • Chancel Check: £24
  • Pre-completion Searches: £7

HM Land Registry fee:

  • £80,001 – £100,000: £40
  • £100,001 – £200,000: £95
  • £200,001 – £500,000: £135
  • £500,001 – £1,000,000: £270
  • Over £1,000,000, £455
  • On a leasehold purchases there may also be other disbursements such as management company notice fees and these are usually around £100-£125 plus VAT.  In almost all transfers of part and transfers of unregistered land the land registry fee is doubled.

Disbursements are costs related to your matter that are payable to third parties, such as Land Registry fees. We handle the payment of the disbursements on your behalf to ensure a smoother process.


We may have to raise our prices from the above for those situations which are out of the ordinary and which require extra work.  Extra charges will be incurred for, non-exhaustively, protracted or fractious negotiation, parties using a Power of Attorney, lockout or exclusivity agreements, dealing with third party lawyers (matrimonial or lender), purchase of unregistered land, drawing a deed of trust between joint owners, documenting gifted deposits, transfers of part of a title, tenanted properties, Help to buy (ISAs, shared equity and shared ownership), or where existing title arrangements require a deed of covenant or easement to be entered into.  We will discuss these as soon as they arise, and give you cost estimates for sensible options to resolve them.